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A ratiometric fluorescent probe for extreme acidity

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

A rational approach to develop a fluorescent probe for sensing biologically “extreme” acidity (pH <3) is disclosed. The probe, a push–full type 3-(imidazolyl)benzocoumarin dye, has the lowest pKa = 1.3 among ratiometric probes known so far, which is ascribed due to a unique sensing mechanism. The probe has high quantum yields, high chemical stability and good aqueous solubility. The probe was successfully applied to ratiometric fluorescence imaging of intrabacterial acidity from pH 4.0–1.0, offering a practical means for studying biological systems under the extreme pH conditions.

Title: Imidazolyl–benzocoumarins as ratiometric fluorescence probes for biologically extreme acidity

Journal: Spectrochimica Acta Part A 2021, 248, 119088

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