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Where to study

Get advice on destination universities, scholarship opportunities etc.

  • 1 h

Service Description

Want to study in aboard? Clueless about where to study? Let our experts with PhD from foreign universities help you find the best destination. We analyze your academic profile, financial background, field of interest, scholarship opportunities and future carrier plan to suggest you the best universities and scholarships for your higher education. What you should NOT expect: 1. Prepared list of universities offering your course of interest 2. Prepared list of scholarships that matches your profile 3. Prepared list of vacancies offered by different laboratories What you should expect: The objective of this mentoring session is to TEACH you, how to look for right programs, how to organize your task, how to find the right scholarship for your career. We wilI evaluate your profile and advise on your daily activities. This will help you to find the right way and make you confident during the application process.

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