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Interview simulation

Learn tricks to crack interviews through simulated interview sessions

  • 1 h

Service Description

Appearing for the interview for the first time? Clueless about what to prepare for presentation and how to present yourself? Let our professionals working in both academic and industry help you to learn the tricks to crack an interview. We arrange dummy interview sessions for you that not only boost confidence but also also helps you to build contacts with professionals. What you should NOT expect: 1. Personal contacts of professionals in institutions/ companies 2. Questions that you might get during interview What you should expect: The objective of this mentoring session is to TEACH you, how to appear for the interview. What to wear, what to present, what to speak, how to speak, how to make somebody say yes.. there are several aspects into it. We will teach you the fundamentals of cracking an interview. Through the simulated interview session we will find your drawbacks and help you overcome them. This will help you learn the art of conversation, boost your confidence and increase the possibility of your acceptance.

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