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Spider silk as piezoelectric nanogenerator

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Till date, fabrication of piezoelectric nanogenerator (PNG) with highly durable, high power density, and high energy conversion efficiency is of great concern. Here a flexible, sensitive, cost effective hybrid piezoelectric nanogenerator (HPNG) developed by integrating flexible steel woven fabric electrodes into poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF)/aluminum oxides decorated reduced graphene oxide (AlO-rGO) nanocomposite film is reported where AlO-rGO acts as nucleating agent for electroactive β-phase formation. The HPNG exhibits reliable energy harvesting performance with high output, fast charging capability, and high durability compared with previously reported PVDF based PNGs. This HPNG is capable for harvesting energy from a variety and easy accessible biomechanical and mechanical energy sources such as, body movements (e.g., hand folding, jogging, heel pressing, and foot striking, etc.) and machine vibration. The HPNG exhibits high output power density and energy conversion efficiency, facilitating direct light on different color of several commercial light-emitting diodes instantly and powers up many portable electronic devices like wrist watch, calculator, speaker, and mobile liquid crystal display (LCD) screen through capacitor charging. More

importantly, HPNG retains its performance after long compression cycles (≈158 400), demonstrating great promise as a piezoelectric energy harvester toward practical applications in harvesting biomechanical and mechanical energy for self-powered systems.

Title: Nature driven spider silk as high energy conversion efficient biopiezoelectric nanogenerator

Journal: Adv. Energy Mater. 2018, 49, 655-666

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