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Controlling host–guest interaction using polymer gel

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Precise control of host–guest interaction as seen in biological processes is difficult to achieve with artificial systems. Herein we have exploited the thermodynamic benefits of a system in equilibrium to achieve controlled stepwise release and capture of cyclodextrin (guest) using a coordination polymer (Mg-CP) as the host and temperature as the stimulus. Since temperature is not a precision stimulus for artificial host–guest interaction, the present system is a distinct prototype that manifests temperature-controlled natural host–guest interaction. The described coordination polymeric host system, when incorporated into a hydrogel matrix, provides a microenvironment that facilitates the stepwise release of α-CD in response to temperature variation within a quasi-solid state. The work demonstrated here may pave the way towards thermally controlled delivery and monitoring of otherwise spectroscopically silent molecules such as cyclodextrins.

Title: Stepwise control of host–guest interaction using a coordination polymer gel.

Journal: Nature Communications 2018, 9: 1987

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