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Cellulose nanocrystals from coffee grounds for tissue engineering

Cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) have received tremendous attention in recent years for various applications because of their excellent physicochemical properties. Here, CNCs were isolated from coffee grounds through chemical treatment. The CNCs were analyzed by Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction (XRD), and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA). Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) was used to determine the dimensions of the CNCs, and their length was approximately 120 nm. Notably, improved cellular activity was observed in the presence of the extracted CNCs, indicating their biocompatibility. Enhanced mineralization and osteogenesis occurred in a CNC-treated group compared with an untreated control group, suggesting their superior osteogenic potential. Therefore, the extracted material can be explored as a promising candidate for tissue engineering applications, especially bone tissues.

Title: Isolation and characterization of cellulose nanocrystals from coffee grounds for tissue engineering

Journal: Materials Letters 2021, 287, 129311

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